How the Xbox 360 Racing Wheel Improves Video Gaming Experience

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The Xbox 360 has had several great racing games that offer a great experience through amazing graphics and driving mechanics. This amazing driving experience that only the Xbox 360 can offer is made even better if you start using the Xbox 360 racing wheel.

The Xbox 360 racing wheel is a special controller that you have to purchase to use on any racing game available for the gaming console. This is an absolute must have for racing video game fans because it completely changes the experience that you will have with each game.

The Xbox 360 racing wheel is a full Read the rest of this entry »

Drive Club: The First Official Racing Video Game for Playstation 4

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Console gamers who are interested in playing the latest titles and finding the best games for the Playstation 4 would do well to learn more about Drive Club, the first official racing game to be released for the platform. The growing sophistication that has been seen in each successive release of the Playstation has given gamers the chance to enjoy a more realistic, stimulating and immersive gaming experience. Finding the racing games that can provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience than ever before may Read the rest of this entry »

Top Five Racing Video Games You Can Play on Facebook

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Racing games are a great way to simulate exciting races right in your living room. These games are either realistic simulation games or arcade-type games. These games simulate driving a vehicle in the real world. Simulation games put you straight into the drivers seat, and you become immersed in the driving experience. A racing wheel makes a great accessory when playing this type of racing game.

Arcade-style racing games don’t usually have complex driving mechanics. However, they do allow you to have a lot of fun. These games generally Read the rest of this entry »

From Arcade to Android: How Video Game Racing Has Changed

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Racing games remain popular, and major video game developers view racing games as essential assets. Over the years, however, racing games have changed dramatically; here are some of the ways that racing games have evolved.

Early racing games were poor simulators. Because of the limitations of early hardware, it was impossible to accurately represent racing. While some games displayed a first-person perspective, most relied on overhead views, and most games used only two buttons, one for Read the rest of this entry »

Most Popular: Top Five Racing Video Games of All Time

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=Most Popular: Top Five Racing Video Games of All Time
Racing video games have always been able to get the adrenaline pumping. Here are the top five racing video games of all-time.

Need for Speed Underground
This legendary video game gave the players a chance to get a taste of the underground racing scene. From drag racing to drifting, the gamers were in for an action-packed racing adventure. This game was an instant classic.

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Top Five Racing Video Games for Android Phones

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Racing games are among some of the msot fun apps available for Android. These are the top 5 picks for the best racing games available for the Android platform.

Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed goes mobile by bringing Android users a fun and action-packed racing game that they can’t put down that reminds you of the importance of Car Insurance Deals. With many different cars to choose from, beautiful tracks, and intense gameplay, this game is worth a try.

Bike Extreme Free

This game is more suitable for those who loving bike racing games. This is a side-scrolling blast with ever-changing terrain that you won’t be able to leave alone.

Death Racing 2: Desert

This is a thrilling desert-set racing game with quite a punch. Race along in fast-paced situations along desert terrain as you dodge and maneuver your way through the course.

Trial Xtreme 3

If you’re familiar with the popular Trials series, then you’ll love this mobile-adapted version. Side-scroll your way through tricky puzzles and tracks, and compare your scores against your friends!

Hauler Challenge

Hauler Challenge allows you to virtually race semi-trucks in obstacle courses that will always keep you on your toes. With a leaderboard and time trials, there’s no way you’ll get bored with this game.